The guarantee conditions

FuranFlex® RWV

FF RWV guarantee

Kompozitor Kft. (further referred to as Manufacturer) provides to undertake 10 years of guarantee for the FuranFlex® RWV liner tubes.


Guarantee conditions:

  • Application according to the ETA-regulations (permit number: 12/0346) meeting the local building and construction industrial regulations.
  • The contractors shall have the certificate issued by the Manufacturer verifying due knowledge and competence regarding the FuranFlex® technology.
  • The installation of FuranFlex® has been carried out using the tools and equipment approved by the Manufacturer (see technology description).
  • Existence of the duly Bill of Guarantee issued by the Manufacturer.
  • Certificate of the inspection and maintenance of the chimney as per the relevant local regulations.
  • The guarantee questionnaire has been filled by the contractor carrying out the installation and returned to the Manufacturer.

The guarantee shall not be valid if:

  • The burning equipment connected to the flue gas deflector system has been modified without a due permit.
  • The prescribed inspections/maintenance has not been carried out on the heating equipment.
  • Irregular modifications have been carried out on the flue gas deflector system.

The guarantee only applies to the repair of the liner tube and shall not be valid for any direct or indirect damages concerned.