FuranFlex® sales information

FuranFlex® chimney liner tubes can only be purchased through the contracted installation partners of Kompozitor Kft.

Through the contracted installation partners of the FuranFlex® technology, it is available in every country of Europe as well as in the USA.

FuranFlex® international partners

The inventor, developer and manufacturer of the FuranFlex® technology is Kompozitor Kft., which, besides the chimney liner tubes, also produces the tools and equipment necessary at the installation. Kompozitor does not deal with direct repair and lining of chimneys.  These operations are covered by professionally skilled partners, who are licensed under their FuranFlex® certificate.

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List of FuranFlex® representatives:

The FuranFlex® certificate shall be considered as a guarantee by Kompozitor Kft. stating that only well-skilled professionals may carry works with the FuranFlex® technology. Kompozitor Kft. only contracts such chimney constructing companies, at which at least one professional has completed the FuranFlex® training. For their contacts check the „Hungarian installers” and „International Installers” menus.

FuranFlex® international partners

Claim the certificate and the bill of guarantee in every case.

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