FuranFlex® partner information

FuranFlex® chimney liner tubes can only be purchased through the contracted installation partners of Kompozitor Ltd.

FuranFlex® international partners

The inventor, developer and manufacturer of the FuranFlex® technology is Kompozitor Ltd., which, besides the chimney liner tubes, also produces the tools and equipment necessary at the installation. Kompozitor does not deal with direct repair and lining of chimneys.  These operations are covered by professionally skilled partners, who are licensed under their FuranFlex® certificate.

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FuranFlex® training

Chimneys are dangerous structures, therefore its building and maintanance require professional expertise. It is especialy true for the FuranFlex® technology that is fundementally different from other known chimney renovation methods.

KOMPOZITOR Ltd. organises training courses for its partners. The training takes two days to complete its theoretical and practical program. A training chimney helps to fully understand and practice the FuranFlex® lining technology.

A the end of the training, the participants take an exam and receive the FuranFlex® Certificate that entitles them to work with FuranFlex® liners.

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How to become a partner of Kompozitor?

  • contact KOMPOZITOR Ltd.
  • provide detailed information about your company
  • complete the FuranFlex® training course
  • sign of the trading contract
  • purchase the eqipment necessary for the technology

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What Kompozitor provides for its Partners

  • Outstanding quality FuranFlex® liner produced for the given parameters and timing.
  • Personal professional support for the first FuranFlex® installations.
  • Continuous professional information.
  • Provides the necessary data for the local authorities in order to certify FuranFlex.
  • Receives partners at the factory for professional meetings anytime.