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What is FuranFlex?

FuranFlex® is the only method, by which chimneys of any shape, dimension and length can be lined with joint-free airtight liner of steel hardness composite material that is resistant to corrosion, flames and heat.

The FuranFlex® tube is lined in the chimney yet in its soft state, whereas being inflated by steam, it takes the shape of the chimney and by the effect of the heat it gets irreversibly hardened to form a heat and corrosion resistant composite liner of steel hardness.



Why composite material?

FuranFlex® is made of thermosetting resin material with fibre glass reinforcement (composite), the physical (steel hardness) and chemical (acid-proof, alkali-proof) features of which make it perfectly suitable for lining chimneys. Its special resin composition guarantees its high heat-resistant capacity.

FuranFlex® has 25 years guarantee.

FuranFlex® introduction

FuranFlex® technology demo - 1 min video

Advantages of FuranFlex®

  • no wall to be demolished, living spaces remain clean during the chimney lining works
  • lining the chimney only takes a few hours
  • it can be applied at all types of boilers and chimneys
  • chimneys up to 100 m height and 120 cm diameter can be lined without joints to be applied
  • its inner surface is smooth and its heat insulating capacity helps boilers operate economically
  • it does not corrode, 25 years of guarantee is provided for corrosion damages

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Application of FuranFlex®

Gas and oil heating

Perfectly resists to the aggressive corrosion generated in chimneys

Wood heating

A composite chimney liner of outstanding flame and heat resistance

Ventilation ducts

A flexible liner with excellent pressure- and air tightness feature

Rain water drains

For vertical rain water drain ducts with excellent water-resistance

FuranFlex® types


Maximum heat resistance: 500 °C
Certification temp: 200 °C
EU class (ETA-12/0346)
T200 P1 W 2 OXX

FuranFlex® RWV

Maximum heat resistance: 1000 °C
Certification temp: 450 °C
EN 1443
T450 N1 D 3 G


Maximum heat resistance: 500 °C
TG 1217, DIN EN 12237
Air tightness class: D
Fire classification: B-s1, d0


VenilFlex RKV

Maximum heat resistance: 1000 °C
TG 1216, DIN EN 12237
Air tightness class: D
Fire classification: A2-s1, d0

FuranFlex® sales information

The FuranFlex® technology is available through our partners in all countries of Europe and also in the USA. FuranFlex® chimney liner can be purchased through the installer partners of Kompozitor Ltd.

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